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Help with bullying

Being bullied is probably more common than you think. It is estimated that one in four young people are bullied at some time and mostly at school. So you are not alone and most people need help to stop the bullies.

So what kinds of things are bullying?

People who bully may make comments or be nasty because you are different to them or new to the school, but sometimes for no reason at all. It definitely isn’t your fault but it can be difficult to stay calm and not fight back.


You may find that you:

Bullying can make our lives miserable and be very upsetting. You must get help and finding someone to tell is the key to putting a stop to it once and for all.

Take control and beat the bully with these simple tips:

If you're being bullied, you're not alone. Here are some quotes from others who have beaten the bullies:

“I was bullied from primary school and didn’t tell anyone because I thought it would make it worse. They would call me names, take my money and trash my stuff. I only told my form tutor when it got so bad I stopped coming to school.” Chloe, 14

The school never told anyone it was me that told but it just stopped and all the parents got letters not just the bullies. We had an assembly on bullying and they put more teachers on the gate so I could go home safely” Sam, 13

“They posted lies on facebook and told my friends I had Chlamydia” Heather, 16

“They call me ginger and fat. I hate them. I pretend I don’t care but I do.” Joe, 14




Published: 14/02/2012

Date of Review: 14/02/2013

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