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Trouble at home?

Hopefully for most of us, family life runs smoothly most of the time. 

But when our home life gets complicated or troubled it can have a devastating effect.

Most of us can manage if the problem is short term and we have plenty of support and help. But if the problem is more long term (maybe forever) or you feel alone, in shock or upset, then you will need to find ways to cope.

So what are the problems that can hit family life?

Ignoring what is happening or pretending everything is okay means you could be bottling things up. Don’t wait until you go ‘pop’ before you ask for help! Look out for signs of stress.

You may also notice that you are:

You may not be able to fix the problem but you can get help to stop it from ruining your life.

Here’s what may help:

Find someone to talk to. If talking to your close family is not an option then consider opening up to a trusted family friend or grandparent. Friends are often happy to help even if it is just to listen or just spend time doing something fun. And of course if you feel unable to talk to someone you know, you can always contact a trusted organisation like the ones below who can help you.

Look after yourself! When we are really worried we can sometimes forget to look after what is important – you! Keep up with regular exercise, spend time with friends and stick to your routine if you can. Visit your GP/ school nurse if you feel your physical health is suffering from worry or stress.

Don’t manage alone. Find others who have coped in similar circumstances as it will help you to feel less isolated. These people may understand far better than others and be able to offer suggestions of how to handle your situation.

Who else needs to know? Struggling on at school, college or work when home life is in trouble may just feel like an impossible task. Letting a teacher know what is happening at home will help them understand why you may not be on top form. They may be able to help or signpost you to someone who can. If you’re worried about others knowing then ask first if they can keep it private.

Useful Links:

Young Carers - http://www.youngcarers.net/

Young Minds - http://www.youngminds.org.uk/

Barnardo's - http://www.barnardos.org.uk/what_we_do/our_projects/young_carers.htm

Catch 22 - http://www.catch-22.org.uk/





Published: 21/02/12

Date of Review: 21/02/2013

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